Death Beyond and Hope

Why do people trust in God… I think it is the most sensible thing to do…  I think the ancient Egyptians
got one of the indicators right when they built those pyramids…  We might feel that we are going to live forever
but the truth is we are not…  One day we all die and we need to wise up to this and live as though
we could die… It might sound a bit morbid but I know that there is hope…

RE specialists call life after death an ultimate question as not many have journeyed to the other side and have
come back… They say that from a scientific point of view this question cannot be answered.  I cannot agree
with this assessment completely because Pascal the discoverer of probablity fell on the side of theism
rather than atheism…  Religion I believe has a better answer than atheism… From my point of view all
of the key religions have a better answer than atheism.

However Christianity I believe is unique in that in the God Man, Jesus Christ is historically verifiable that
he came to this world and that he died… On the third day he rose again and offers hope to
anyone who puts their complete trust in him…

This is my position…  I believe the scriptures that tell me Jesus is Lord… I then in faith and submission
by the guidance of the Holy Spirit read the scriptures and come into deeper profound truths…

Job in the Bible got it right; in Job chapter 19 verse 25 it says “And as for me I know my Redeemer lives
And at the last He will take his stand on the earth … Even after my skin is destroyed
Yet from my flesh I shall see God”…
Job is supposed to be one of the oldest books in the Bible….  Job came face to face with death, suffering
all the way  and he knew Jesus… (my interpetation)…

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