Respect for everyone: The good bad and the ugly

I agree with the book of Romans in chapter one when it says that all have sinned… The truth is that is the condition of humanity. This is where religion then kicks in to give an antidote to our fallen state or it is supposed to.

Any descent monotheistic religion will start from the premise of loving God and Loving ones neighbour. This is the golden rule that is found in some form in all of the great religions of the world.

Unfortunately when it comes to practice the golden rule tends to be forgotten and violence seem to break out. Instead of loving ones neighbour hate comes in.

This goes for both Muslims and Christians. This behaviour of just wanting to win a point is quite silly.

So what can the basis be for Muslim and Christian discussion about God. Is there any common ground…. Yes there is; Respect and love for the creation of God. God made the Muslim and the Christian. In fact God created everybody… This would be a good premise.

What other common ground is there?
The other common ground is that Muslims and Christians want everyone to come closer to God.

Where we differ is How!

At the end of the day we cannot escape heaven and hell and this is a question of eternal damnation or eternal joy…

We can’t both be right.. However we can both be sincere…

I want to share my faith about the fact that Jesus died for us.
The Muslim doesn’t agree because God is One [Tawhid] not Trinity.

We can have a cup of tea and discuss these things and keep talking until it is our time to cross to the other side. This way none of us lose our integrity and we go about our business how God intended.

If we stoop to violence how does that honour God?
The truth is: It doesn’t, violent people will definitely miss out on God’s kingdom.

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