Why secularism isn’t the answer

Before I start on my discussion on secularism I want to say that whoever we are. We all share the same world, breathe the same air and share our lives in the theatre of this humble earth. We cannot escape this fact. We all have to make sense of our existence and our being and we all have to get on and if we don’t get on it doesn’t make a very pretty site.

We live in a multi ethnic world and this world is shrinking all the time. Technology is moving at a rapid pace and things are changing. On one level it scares me. It used to be the case that scientific discovery made breakthroughs in a time of war but in these days breakthroughs happen every day.

Religion is marginalised by certain groups and is made out to be some type of pariah. A dinosaur from the past, a dead rat. The reason for this is that science is seen as the thing that will free us from our bondages. Science is seen as the great saviour of the human race. Progress marches on whatever the cost.

I don’t accept this thing about scientific progress. The technology that gave us the hospitals also gave us the atomic bomb. Secularism is no saviour of our modern state. It has a hidden agenda and it is a beast that turns to and throe to see who it can devour. It doesn’t respect the person. It only respects its own agenda which is run by humans who have all their own suppositions. It is no friend of mine!

The many down to earth religious people in this world remind us that we are moral beings. We can discuss issues as grown ups and make decisions about our future. In the late 1990s I remember reading through the Tower Hamlets Religious Studies syllabus and I was fascinated by how much the six major religions including Buddhism agreed on.

I’m not ashamed to call my self a Christian a follower of Christ (with all of my faults). The Christian community and the other religious communities including Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Sikhism, and Buddhism have a lot of wisdom to give to our society. I am talking political here.

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