The importance of renewing our mind and treating people with respect

Racism and its allied prejudices is a great evil in our society. It is something that has been passed down through the generations.

• To deal with racism we first need to understand some concepts.

• We then need to look at ourselves and see if any of these things are ingrained in us.

• We then need to change our mindset and in humility accept that no one is perfect.

• We then need to come to a place and be disgusted about it.

• We will then stop doing it ourselves and encourage the less enlightened from doing it.

• A lot of atheists and religious people have different ways of dealing with this evil.

• In the near future I will give a set of discussion on this topic

Obviously I have a Christian bent on this which works with repentance and with the work of Christ and the Help of the Holy Spirit, we mature.

For Muslims the Hajj reminds people that all are equal in the sight of God. Whether rich or poor, every man is supposed to wear white so you cannot tell who is rich or poor or what nationality a person is for the Umma is one tribe.

For atheists, modern science and psychological practices help to get someone in the right frame of mind.

For Jews, they remember that they were slaves in Egypt and that it is wrong to put someone down who is a foreigner or Jew.

I could go on but as you can see, respecting people with differences is a bench mark of what it means to be truly human.

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