The limits of power and the problem of atheism.

Atheism which literally means ‘no god’ has the notion that God doesn’t exist.

With this notion comes other reasons that the moral stance loses its limits. So from a political stand point why cannot the atheist and the religious agree.?  Quite simply, there is no balance of scripture tradition and reason. There is only reason.

Some say that scripture is antiquated because it was written too far in the past. My answer to that is human nature doesn’t change from generaton to generation. In fact in the 21st century bad things happen on a bigger scale than they did in the past.

My contention is this, the religous community have a history, have a tradition and the reasoning of some of the greatest minds the world has ever had.

For the religious, God is and there is a reason for life… For the atheist; What is the reason for life or is it no reason?   What do you think?


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6 Responses to “The limits of power and the problem of atheism.”

  1. Rayan Zehn Says:

    Take the straw man out of this post and do a rewrite. I think you’ll find your conclusion doesn’t follow your premise.

    • weaver1has Says:

      You have only said that it is a ‘straw man’. Please give reasons. 🙂

      • Rayan Zehn Says:

        Ok fair enough. You write “Atheism which literally means ‘no god’ has the notion that God doesn’t exist,” which is not true. This sentence (minus the ‘no god’ part) is a misrepresentation of atheism. This false premise makes the rest of your (already shaky argument) necessarily false. I’d recommend brushing up on syllogisms in logic. Your conclusion could be supported by factual premises, but I then again logic doesn’t begin with a conclusion. It finds one.

      • weaver1has Says:

        These are the roots of atheist a- = not (a negative) theist comes from theos = God… This is from the Greek. From the Greek the word fed into the English language…. As an atheist what would your definiton of atheist be? By the way I don’t really care too much about logic as there are many mysteries in the universe that we will never understand.

      • Rayan Zehn Says:

        The ‘no god’ part of your argument is correct. ‘Atheism’ does come from those greek words, but atheism itself is merely ‘without belief,’ which makes no claims about the existence of a god. And I wouldn’t be so quick to disregard logic. It’s literally the only way we can find something akin to actual knowledge. If you mean to say you don’t care about the scientific method, that’s another conversation, but logic is the basic tool for any kind of human understanding about any topic. Religious people use logic everyday in all sorts of areas. Anyway, I’m off to a meeting in 8 minutes, so if you reply it might be an hour or two before I get around to checking it (by the way, I’m not trying to beat you up. I’m in a good mood today 😉 Friendly conversation.

      • weaver1has Says:

        Yes I would go along with that. I’m not saying that logic per se should be kicked into touch but I am saying logic as ‘reason’ does take on different forms. 2+2 is not the same thing as saying to a spouse that she is loved. Both facts are true but obviously they need to have the right tools to come to a right conclusion. Without belief to my mind is a cop out. Obviously you don’t believe what I believe… that in itself is a belief. Thankyou for giving me your opinion. Even though I don’t agree I respect it. Signing off 🙂

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