Christian epistemology and other Theological epistemologies. Critical discussions..

I started writing this a few years ago and then I put it on the backburner.  Now however I want to start sharing theological thoughts that interest me.  Originally the title was  

‘Christian epistemology and Islamic epistemology. critical discussion.’
 Hold on a minute… The Gospel is supposed to be public knowledge that is open to all, no matter what religious background they have.  Over recent years I have got interested in the writings of Rabbi Sacks… He has an amazing intellect and I think we can all learn a thing or two from him. After all the Old Testament, Tevrat, Zebur,  The Torah . התורה
We share this… or shall I say we all agree that these are Holy Scripture given to us from God.  God is far bigger than we are yet He takes an interest in our puny lives or are they puny?
Dogmatic theology of religions is concerned with a dialogue that takes place with Christianity and Islam in a pluralist world. The usual starting point for the pluralist is the position of doubt. This paper is concerned with the reverse; Faith seeking understanding. It is assenting to the fact that although the West may have a strong tradition of ‘neutrality’ (no position as such exists!), there is also a strong position of ‘faith’ (a belief that there is a greater force controlling/guiding our destinies). Although the Marxist position calls this in our world ‘a crutch’, religion has the opposite view. That without the all merciful and all compassionate God we are on crutches!
But whether we are Christians, Muslims, Atheists, Marxists or whatever ‘ists’ we are; we share the same the world, breathe the same air and we are neighbours in this global village. Using scientific principles, we try to delve into the cosmos. On another level we say this is right and that is wrong. Even on another aesthetic level we call one object beautiful and another object ugly. Using this common ground that is open to all cultures we desire to learn more. This paper seeks to interrogate two of the world’s great religions into answer that all human persons ask: What is the reason for my being? In due course this question will be answered but before we start on our quest something needs to be said about the method that we are going to use. As you are aware the decision has been made to call this a ‘Dogmatic Theology of Religions’ rather than calling it a ‘Systematic Theology of Religions’. The answer to this question at the moment is easy;
Where this questioning is going to lead ‘I don’t know!’ When a scientist is interrogating his object he never knows when the breakthrough will come but eventually it comes! So in that sense this is the same situation.

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