Questions for 1 and 2 Corinthians

Chapter 1

  1. What was Corinth like?
  2. What gods lived in Corinth?
  3. Who was Sosthenes?
  4. In the first 10 verses: How many times is Jesus Christ mentioned?
  5. Why is this important?
  6. How is God’s wisdom different to human wisdom? (From verse 18)
  7. What sort of people did God choose? (Verse 26)

Chapter 2

  1. How did Saint Paul show his humility at Corinth?
  2. Explain a few things about the Holy Spirit the third person of the Trinity? (From Chapter 2)
  3. From human nature without the Holy Spirit, can God be known? (Consider chapter 2 verse 10 and onwards.)


Going Deeper.

‘There were no serious problems at Corinth’

Do you agree? (make sure you have considered opposing points of view including your point of view)

This is a 1000-word essay question.  As well as the resources found at this website find other resources that will help you to give a coherent answer.

Examples of sites.

You can go to YouTube.  There is some good stuff but also bad.  I would ask your Pastor to guide you on resouces.


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