The gods, Sumer and Babylon!

The gods and Babylon!
Sumer the city of cities in which a lot of our modern civic centres and learning originally cam from (originated).  Where is Babylon now?
Education, literature, religion, medicine, mathematics, weights and measures and food and farming is said to have impacted our societies.
This is quite interesting. I an reading a book at the moment’ Babylon’  by Joan Oates and also been looking at the intro of the One, The Three and the Many… These city states prospered with their temples and cosmological ways of looking at things.  This book is quite old and would not have known about the age of Gök Tepe in Turkey, but this is also cosmological…
This book points to the allusions that Gunton gave in his book.  He then went on to say about the disengagement of the West from this cosmology “In contrast … (page 19)…it is generally held in the modern world that there is a link between cosmic and social order”. He goes on to say… “indeed one could define modernity as the era which consists of autonomy from the environment which consists of in the freedom, from any form of natural determination”.

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