The similarity of the supposedly divine kings of Babylon and our leaders

It is sad to see the statistics of those who died in care home.  In Britain the most vulnerable in society did not even make it into the figures of deaths until today.  How shameful… There deaths were not seen as important as other figures.  Behind every figure there is a story.  Behind every figure there is a human being.  Behind every figure there is a family.  In Finland too over half the dead were the elderly but at least there was the respect to share the figures. 
 We need to learn from this.  We need to protect the vulnerable and the helpless in society.  This is a mirror that we all need to look into.  The Bible has strong words for protecting the weak… We as a society have despised this.  We seem to be drunk on the latest fashions, the latest gadgets and these things seem to be more important that taking care of the weak and helpless.  I hope and pray that we heed this call to think about our neighbour even the ones that we cannot see.
God has been displaced in our lives and it is filled with false gods of luxury.  Have we not learned from the old Babylon by the Euphrates river?  They had everything.  They had the latest luxuries and were so prosperous that at the time the Babylonians were the envy of the ancient world.  Something went wrong, however.  The main issue wasn’t that they worshipped various gods… The problem was that the leaders wanted a taste of the divine.  The Leaders wanted to have something of the divine. Interesting that I once read that Saddam Hussein had bricks named after himself. 
Do our leaders want a taste of the divine too?   They want to be a part of the limelight and live the life while others suffer.  Those in positions of power are supposed to be servants of the people.  Attitude in politics is really bad at the moment except in New Zealand.  When a leader says I want to suffer with the people at this time shows compassion.  Ordinary people understand that.
Jesus showed compassion for people who were sinners.  In God’s eyes there was nothing in themselves that could help them to enter heaven.  God became a man and died on a cross a most cruel death.  On the third day he rose again. 
The attitude of service and compassions needs to come into politics again.  The deaths in these care homes is unacceptable.  Technically the people who put money over lives need to be brought before a court.  This won’t happen because the law protects these wolves in sheep clothing who think somehow, they are better than everyone else, that they somehow have a divine spark.  Mark my words there is a Judgement that is coming and there will be a price to pay.  What goes around comes around…. Dare I say it?
Bad Karma! Judgement Day…  

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