So how does God reveal himself through nature?

(I) There is the Revelation of God through Nature,
referring to the indications of wisdom, power, and
purpose in the world around (Rom. i. 20).  
Over the next few days we will look at some texts from other religions.
So how does God reveal himself through nature? 
This is a very important question.  Yet I can still say that it is in the general sphere and open to interpretation by anyone who is willing to look.  For the major, and not so major world religions, there is something in nature that points beyond itself to a greater other.   So this is going to be by starting point.  I’m not starting an Roman 1 19-20 although I will certainly want to look there later especially thinking about The late Colin. E. Gunton and I surely miss his great mind on theological things, Karl Barth, Pannenburg, Herman Bavinck.   I think John Calvin says some interesting things too.  I wish I could afford Bavincks 4-volume systematic theology set.  At any rate I can find secondary sources. I’m rattling on so let’s get down and look at some religious traditions.
These will be representative texts and I am sure there are better texts.

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