Revelation in Hinduism

Who knows this truly, and who will now
declare it, what paths lead together to the
gods? Only their lowest aspects of existence are
seen, who exist on supreme, mystical planes.
Hinduism. Rig Veda 3.54.5
So, in Hinduism revelation starts from above working its way down.  The question here is I suppose is. Are there natural paths leading to the divine?  This is theology from below.  It does however say ‘Only their lowest aspects of existence are seen’. This is truly a piece of writing that points us in the right direction to find God.  I don’t think it is an accident that Hinduism also has a type of Trinity concept known as the Trimurti. Brahman the Unknowable reveals Himself as Creator, Preserver and Destroyer (Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva whose functions are creation preservation and destruction). Vishnu in some way’s functions also as fully god and fully man in the Hindu sense. He comes down from heaven in the form of Krishna as the Blue God, who is prophet, priest and king and manages to defeat evil and save the world.
I find this amazing because these scriptures are some of the oldest in the world and yet these ideas, are so close to the Christian viewpoint.  I am not making any judgements, but I have to say Religions have a lot to teach the world. 
What annoys me about a lot of scholars is that they can cannot see the wood for the trees.   Dialogue is essential in this small global village… These sages understood the value of peace and friendship.  The human race is a family created in the image of God and we should walk in love no matter what their beliefs unless of course there are imprisonable plans.

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