End of 1 Corinthians questions and answers if your upto it!

1 Corinthians 3 verses 1-4
Why are the Corinthians only able to drink milk?
verses 5 -7
Why is Paul talking about planting, trees, water, and growing?

verses 8b – 17
What is Paul trying to teach through his building motif?

verses 18 – 23
Who are the fools in the world?

What is the main message of 1 Corinthians 3?

Paul is basically, telling the Corinthians and us in the
21st Century to stop behaving immaturely and focus on Christ.
It is Christ the Lord that we should serve. Leaders
won’t get us to heaven, false pride, personality etc.
Deeper questions
A. Write a paragraph for each of the motifs.
a. Milk,
b. The garden
c. The building and the foundation
d. wisdom and foolishness
B. Explain what the main thrust of Pauls message is.

C. Empathy question.
Imagine you were a member of the congregation.
This letter was being read out in the meeting by Sosthenes the leader.
As a commited Christian, you also had your favourite leader.   Explain
how you might have felt.

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