1 Corinthians 4 verse 2

Ὧδε λοιπὸν ζητεῖται ἐν τοῖς οἰκονόμοις ἵνα πιστός τις εὑρεθῇ.

2 In this case, moreover, it is required of stewards that one be found trustworthy. 1 Corinthians 4:2 NASB

I borrowed this image from the link below. It shows a part of papyrus 46

This version makes the word to be found even stronger ‘you must be found’.

It was an interesting point that CK Barrett pointed out in his commentary and here we can see the different ending of the word.  It doesn’t make much difference to the overall meaning but its sometimes nice to do some of your own investigations.

Screenshot_2020-05-10 Manuscript P46 - CSNTM(2)

Taken from


1 cor 4


I got the key from another site.



I really enjoy this sort of thing.  It is like working out a puzzle and finding where all the pieces go.  This is archaeological, theological, exegetical, historical research…


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