1 Corinthians chapter 4 questions


1 Corinthians chapter 4 questions

  1. How should the leaders of the church be viewed? (kings or servants explain)
  2. Why did Paul use some legal background words (verses 3-4)?
  3. Why should be slow to judge? (verse 5)
  4. Why did Paul use himself and Apollos as examples (verses 6-7)?
  5. Explain why Paul used irony and sarcasm in verses 8 to 13.
  6. Read the sections Barclay wrote on two Greek words and explain if these words make the hyperbolic language stand out even more.
  7. How does verse 11 to 13 show how much Paul really cares for the Corinthians.
  8. How is Paul a good example for living the Christian life…?

When answering this question, you are free to look at Paul’s other writings in the Bible.


hyperbolic language = exaggeration to make a point

3 Responses to “1 Corinthians chapter 4 questions”

  1. smargaretcynthiayahoocom Says:

    I`ve thought about them but some of them are too complicated for me at the moment Hasan. I need some other time to go back on this and sort it out. I am keeping all your blogs in archive which I can revisit. xxxx

  2. smargaretcynthiayahoocom Says:

    When I look at the date I don`t know why it turned up today. Thank you Hasan. xxxx

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