1 Corinthians chapter 5 verse 6 part 1

Verse 6 onwards

So then, me personally although this was a serious situation, there was a graver situation. 

Look at verse 2 again and you will see that in layman’s terms the Corinthians as a group had a terrible attitude. 

There are two phrases:

  1. You have become arrogant
  2. You have not mourned

Two sins The first one arrogant is not only in terms of the fornication but is a generalized state of mind.  It was an unhealthy spiritual situation to be in… C.K. Barrett follows this line of thought. (pages 122-123, verse 2)

The second sin was they had not mourned because of the gravity of this sin.  Mourned he is linked to the mourning of the dead (William Barclay page 44 )

 πενθέω pentheō ; from 3997; to mourn, lament:–

Now we are ready to continue with the Corinthians as a group.  They messed up big time .

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