John Calvin on The knowledge of God and of revelation part 2

Here Calvin quotes from Romans 1:19.

This is an important point. I suppose the effects of creation points to the invisible God.  As well as this, this knowledge cannot bring us to know God. All this knowledge can do is render every human as inexcusable of their sins.


The quotes below are from the Institute of the Christian Religion found on the ages software.


14. In vain for us, therefore, does Creation exhibit so many bright lamps

lighted up to show forth the glory of its Author. Though they beam upon

us from every quarter, they are altogether insufficient of themselves to lead

us into the right path. Some sparks, undoubtedly, they do throw out; but

these are quenched before they can give forth a brighter effulgence.

Wherefore, the apostle, in the very place where he says that the worlds are

images of invisible things, adds that it is by faith we understand that they

were framed by the word of God, (Hebrews 11:3;) thereby intimating that

the invisible Godhead is indeed represented by such displays, but that we

have no eyes to perceive it until they are enlightened through faith by

internal revelation from God. When Paul says that that which may be

known of God is manifested by the creation of the world, he does not

mean such a manifestation as may be comprehended by the wit of man,

(Romans 1:19;) on the contrary, he shows that it has no further effect than

to render us inexcusable, (Acts 17:27.) And though he says, elsewhere,

that we have not far to seek for God, inasmuch as he dwells within us, he

shows, in another passage, to what extent this nearness to God is availing.

God, says he, “in times past, suffered all nations to walk in their own

ways. Nevertheless, he left not himself without witness, in that he did

good, and gave us rain from heaven, and fruitful seasons, filling our hearts

with food and gladness,” (Acts 14:16, 17.) But though God is not left

without a witness, while, with numberless varied acts of kindness, he

woos men to the knowledge of himself, yet they cease not to follow their

own ways, in other words, deadly errors.

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