Excerpt from Martin Luther on revelation number 1

Reflection on Romans chapter 1 verses  19 to 23 pg 19

God’s weakness is stronger than men’s.  I touched this “I Cor. 1:25” on my other website.



So if a person is a non-believer… What is the likelihood that they can see some effect that pushes a person to think about God in some sense?  Paul is clear on this that Luther agrees with Paul that there is some vestige of revelation that all can see of God. 


Page 19


That which is known of God is manifested in them. (Rom.


This is a Greek form of speech which in our language is best

rendered in abstract terms, as e.g., “the knowledge of God.” So

when we read in I Cor. 1:25: “The weakness of God is stronger

than men, and the foolishness of God is wiser than men,” this

means that the weakness and foolishness of God are more powerful,

stronger, and wiser than the strength or power and the wisdom

of men. All this is said to be God’s, not because it is in him,

but because it is in us coming from him. The foolishness and

weakness of God are the same as the life according to the gospel

35 Cf. Phil. 3:12.

36 “Desinat proficere,” i.e., “incipiat deficere.”

37 Augustine, De spit* et lit, 11, 18.


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