Football and the knowledge of God

There certainly is a negativity about different religions in certain Christian histories and theologies, and I think football can teach us something here! The problem in football has been that when supporting a team, it means that in someway the opposition can be demonized and this has caused rioting and I assume it will in the future.   With religion one has basic universal beliefs and then we move on to particular beliefs and this can cause a ring fence.  When two sets of contrary beliefs touch there is friction. Out of friction can also come respect.  Manchester United playing Liverpool in a Derby… They are both good football teams… They can leave and one day one team will win the football cup and its trimmings.

At times Christianity and Islam can be like that. Who is telling the truth?  This is when mythologizing can start, and misconstrued accusations can fly.   Some modern ideas for example attack certain aspects of God in another religion without actually taking notice of what their belief system is actually saying. 

One silly idea is to say that some monotheists are not monotheists but monist!  I’m not mentioning any religion at the moment, but I found it disrespectful and prejudiced.

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