1 Corinthians chapter 6 questions.


Verses 1 &2; Describe the two groups; a) The saints b) The unrighteous.

Verses 2 -5; Look at Pauls questions and questioning.  In your own words explain how Paul discourages the Corinthians to take each other to court.

Verse 8; Paul here is very sharp. What does Paul actually mean?

Verses 12- 21; Who does the body belong to?  Why do you think that the Corinthians has a low view of the flesh and at times didn’t see much wrong with sinning?


  1. How does this chapter speak to the human condition today?
  2. Are there areas in your life that do not measure up to Pauls view?
  3. Why are ethics important to Paul and to Christians in general?
  4. What view of scripture do you take?
    1. Progressive; Take the bits you like and throw the bits you think are outdated?
    1. This is God’s word and it means what it says. Human nature hasn’t really changed in 2000 years?
    1. A third way? (Whatever that might entail)
    1. How does your view of the Bible influence your style of living?
    1. Is it ok or do you need to repent and ask God to show you the way?

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