A monotheist is a monotheist so please do not use monist in a disparaging way.

I really don’t understand how people can get mixed up.  Both Islam and Christianity are Monotheist religions.  Mono means one and Theos means God, hence one God…   Some have used ‘monist/monism’ to describe the Islamic God.  I have heard monist and monism mentioned in conversation in relation to Islam but I think it is important to clear out misuses of this meaning.  This is a mistake and also shows lack of understanding about the Trinity.  In Christianity God is One it is only then we can talk about the economy of God and the relations within the trinity.  Revelation of God did not start with John’s Gospel. Exodus 20 verse 2 I am the Lord your God who brought you out of slavery or Genesis 1 verse 3 “Then God said let there be light”.   Muslims, Jews and Christians do not have a problem with these verses.  

Monism is more of a philosophical statement playing around with definitions.  So yes, for these reasons Islam is a monotheist religion. 

Please remember that Muslims accept the five books of Moses.  

So yes Judaism, Islam and Christianity are three of the great Monotheistic religions.  Let us respect each other even if we do not agree… Let us put aside the football effect in theology and speak what we believe the truth is with our neighbour. Can we do that?

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