Introduction Notice to 1 Corinthians chapter 7


This chapter as the same as the last one is not always an easy read because it touches on the most intimate of relationships.  Paul wants to see the Church being Holy and Blameless. The Corinthians had serious issues and this at times makes Corinthians a hard read.  Paul says somewhere else in the scriptures; What ever is good whatever is lovely think about these things.  Unfortunately, Corinthians at times is any thing but good and lovely! Yet, we need to remember that these words were penned by an Apostle, this means the words are holy and God wants to challenge and teach us the way of Christ.  There aren’t many people that don’t have skeletons in their closets.  Let us pray that by the Holy Spirit we can become more like Jesus and walk in his way. Let us see beyond the spiritual shock and awe found in these scriptures, that we may be found on the day of Jesus’ return, holy and blameless through his work at the cross, in his blood and the hope we find in Him, through the resurrection.

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