We believe in One God the Creator (The nicene Creed) with a discussion with Hinduism. (Introductory notice)

My tact is now going to change, and I want to start writing about the first part of the Nicene Creed about God as Creator. This is entirely my reflection, but I want to dialogue with different religions on this topic.   I think this is important and it has been in my mind for some years.  From my point of view there hasn’t been enough dialogue with holding one’s own position.  This is the problem I have with a lot of Liberal theologies… There is too much compromise.  Even without compromising one’s own position one can still have a discussion and show respect to the fellow man.  As well as this Great though Calvin was as a theologian, he didn’t really know a lot about other religions and other people around the world.  In todays Global Village there is so much knowledge we are flooded with it.  If Calvin was alive today I am sure he would be discussing with all the great minds and showing the way of Christ.

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