Monotheism or Brahman? Can there be a discussion?

We believe in one God, the Father Almighty (Nicene Creed)

Before we can understand we need to be in a place to believe that God is.   God is not any god for there is only One God who created the universe.  This puts us in our place, and this is why we are monotheist.  Mono = one, theos =God. 

Who is this God and how can he be known when he is Creator and we are the created? Now, I do not want to talk only about Christians.  Although Christians follow God the Creator so do Jews, so do Muslims and so do Zoroastrians. Hindus at the point of Brahman the Unknowable confess that there is a Creator who brought us into being.  Is it henotheism or Monotheism? Obviously before the Trimurti started their work of creation preservation and destruction in a never-ending cycle, there was a moment, there was a beginning and perhaps at this point Hindus were originally Monotheist and not henotheists.  The belief in their god with acceptance of other gods. 

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