Who, What is or is not Brahman that is the question?

This was an interesting quote;

Taken from 


Surendranath Dasgupta




Hindu philosophy, India — Religion


First Edition: Cambridge, 1922.


of the sword, he cannot suffer any injury [Footnote ref 1].” He is asat, non-being, for the being which Brahman is, is not to be understood as such being as is known to us by experience; yet he is being, for he alone is supremely real, for the universe subsists by him. We ourselves are but he, and yet we know not what he is. Whatever we can experience, whatever we can express, is limited, but he is the unlimited, the basis of all. “That which is inaudible, intangible, invisible, indestructible, which cannot be tasted, nor smelt, eternal, without beginning or end, greater than the great (mahat), the fixed. He who knows it is released from the jaws of death [Footnote ref 2].” Space, time and causality do not appertain to him, for he at once forms their essence and transcends them. He is the infinite and the vast, yet the smallest of the small, at once here as there, there as here; no characterisation of him is possible, otherwise than by the denial to him of all empirical attributes, relations and definitions. He is independent of all limitations of space, time, and cause which rules all that is objectively presented, and therefore the empirical universe. When Bâhva was questioned by Va@skali, he expounded the nature of Brahman to him by maintaining silence—”Teach me,” said Va@skali, “most reverent sir, the nature of Brahman.” Bâhva however remained silent. But when the question was put forth a second or third time he answered, “I teach you indeed but you do not understand; the Âtman is silence [Footnote ref 3].” The way to indicate it is thus by neti neti, it is not this, it is not this. We cannot describe it by any positive content which is always limited by conceptual thought.

The Âtman doctrine.”

Out of respect for this great theologian more information about him can be found at the link below;


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