The danger of blending categories of the infinite and finite. Hinduism and Christianity

Yes I can see the Soul doctrine at work here, but some of this could have come from Pauls Romans!   Logic breaks down and even though Hinduism and Christianity are very different religions when we start to look a little deeper there is an agreement that the Unknowable is beyond our knowledge but yet there is speech that points us in the direction of a Creator.   It is very close to ex nihilo but not ex nihilo.  In Christendom there is a relation with God and creation, but they are distinct… God is always God and creation is always creation.  The point that Calvin made was the knowledge of God and of us are inextricably linked Institutes 1,1.  It is true that this knowledge joins God and humanity, but we are separate categories.  Why does Hinduism make these categories blend into one?

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