The infinite and finite questioning in Hinduism and Christianity

There is a relationship between God and creation.  These are questions the Hindu philosophers battled with and the same type of questions were raised.  I don’t have enough years left to study Hinduism at great depth, but it is good that Swami Nikhilanda wrote about the conception of God in Hinduism.  So, the Unknowability of God is a central plank in the description of Brahman… These Hindu Scholars and St Paul ask the same questions at times. 

Certain questions are not being raised at the moment such as the soul and the different forms of soteriology in these two systems.  I have only raised the question of ‘God’.


Later however, when we look at the atman and the physical aspects of the universe it is seen in negative terms.  This goes in an opposite direction  to the Genesis chapter 1 point of view; that when the material days were done “God said it was good”

Yet the Hindus have raised as important question about epistemology as Calvin said in Institutes 1; “The knowledge of God and ourselves are inextricably linked”.  Hindu theology understood this but went in a separate direction to that of Christendom.   Having said that there were influences from the  Greek philosphers  that let to lots of break throughs for Christian theology and problems but that is another Question.  If you want to follow this line of inquiry please read the Late professor Gunton’s book on creation.

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