Brahman 2

27th June 2020

Nikhilananda Page 12 , Hinduism, It’s meaning for the liberation of the Spirit

Nikhilananda says that the etymology of Brahman denotes an entity whose greatness, powers, or expansion no one can measure.

My side note;

‘Atman signifies the consciousness in man which experiences gross objects during the waking state, subtle objects during the dream state, and the bliss arising from the absence of the duality of subject and object in dreamless state’.


Nikhilananda  then gives some more definitions of Brahman states.

Transcendental or unconditioned Brahman; In this state negative theology is used Brahman is not this or that.  This is a completely acceptable way to do theology within Christianity i.e. analogia entis.

Phenomenal or conditioned Brahman; Brahman does this does that etc.  This is how God is spoken of in the Old Testament he acts and does. This is a completely acceptable way to see Brahman and God (Bruggeman on verbs of the OT).

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