Equality for all, 1 Corinthians 7, just a continued discussion.

8th July 2020


Let us move onto the topic of slavery;

Slavery was a part of life in the Roman world sad to say. Paul had to work in the world and the Church was growing and many slaves became Christians with their masters.  Sad to say slavery has always been with us.  Even today there is even slavery in the UK.  Stories pop up now and again.  Then we come to the most horrific slavery in the modern world. The slave triangle between Africa, USA and the United Kingdom.  We still feel the repercussions today.

In the news at the moment the West is confronting these attitudes and it is being played out before our very eyes.  ‘That the white man is somehow superior’.  The white man is just another man created in the image of God like all other men, no matter what the race or colour.  We all have choices to make.  The attitudes of a lot of the police in the USA just suck because they were taught to treat the black population differently… As an outsider one would think that these problems would have been sorted out hundreds of years ago.

The UK is not any better.  Liverpool and other centres of shipping slaves from West Africa and their statues have been on display!  The local councils honouring these men that they used their money ‘for the public good’.  This was dirty money and it had blood written all over it.  When the slaves in the UK got their freedom, the owners were paid compensation from Parliament! Compensation for what?  How the West works! My own subjective opinion is that by way of compensation a special fund should be set up to help black young people achieve in this society.   No one should be looked down on for the colour of their skin, or where they come from.   We need to live in an equal society in which we help those who cannot help themselves.

I have gone over my remit, but the bottom line is that we are all equal before God in Christ.


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