Conclusions and a bit extra!

11th July


Conclusions and a bit extra.

So, the question is; When looking at the transcendence of God how do they compare and contrast?

These are the facts we discovered along the way;

Swami Nikhilananda has two sections on Brahman; the Unconditioned Brahman and the Conditioned Brahman. 

The Unconditioned Brahman

The Unconditioned Brahman uses apophatic theology (Negative theology speaking of what Brahman/ God is not) page 14 onwards.

In this state Brahman is completely Unknown and Unkowable.


The conditioned Brahman

He then says that there are two conditions to this Brahman;

1.  ‘He controls the physical and moral laws of creation and maintains all things in their proper place…’(pg21).

2.  ‘He guides the activities of all creature s. He dwells within them but is distinct from them; though He is unknown to the creatures, yet He rules from within…’


In this state he is gracious and creates


What does Barth say?

The Hiddenness of God

1.     God can only be known by God

2.     This speech about God has been done by what cannot be said about God… i.e. what God is not. 

3.     Barth has proof texts that point to God being beyond human knowledge in Himself. 

What can be said of God’s revelation

1.     God’s revelation is really grace.

2.     God has revealed Himself by the Son… By the fact that the Son became man, ‘and by the Holy Spirit, His outpouring on all flesh ‘.

3.     We can be thankful to God because; By faith in his Son we are brought into communion with God.  God has done and prepared all this groundwork.  

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