Questions on 1 Corinthians chapter 7

12th July 2020



  1. What was the disposition of religion in Corinth in the 1st century AD? Make mention of the various deities and maybe something about what they do. (Background)
  2. Why is self-control important? (verses 1-2)
  3. What is a ‘chiasmus’? (technical language)
  4. How is there equality in the conjugal rights? (verse 3)
  5. Is prayer important? (verse 5)
  6. Why might Paul think, being single is better? (verses 6-7)
  7. What does Paul mean that each has his own gifts? (verse 7)
  8. What is your gift?
  9. Can Paul give any advice for circumcision and uncircumcision?
  • How should Paul be interpreted on slavery in light of slavery from the 1st century AD?

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