The multi-ethnic world of Baghdad, the seat of learning.



So, my point of view is that here there is dialogue with Hinduism.  There is room for Monotheism.   I would like to know more of how Hindus reached this stage of understanding a Deity that is completely unknown.   It is interesting that Islam, Christianity and Judaism in the medieval period used Aristotle’s rational use of Metaphysics of the Unmoved Mover, to come to the conclusion of God.  In that sense Baghdad as a centre of learning for theologians was pretty impressive.  Here, the scholars had access to the rich Indian Hindu, Persian Zoroastrian and Christian traditions. Though unfortunately the main Christianity around Baghdad had a heretical view of God such as Monophysitism and another group.  Monophysytes believed that Jesus only had a divine nature and not a human nature.  This is a form of gnostic belief which is heretical.

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