Let us not push the categories too hard because this would be disrespectful to both religions!


Obviously when discussing with Hindu’s; They don’t have an Abrahamic tradition and it is in that sense, Hinduism is outside the tradition.  They are however inside the Adamic tradition (for Christians, Muslims and Jews).  We are all related as God Created us.


Christians and Hindus can discuss God even without looking at the Trinitarian aspects of both religions by the proven rational means.  The Trinitarian logic works in the same type of way, but it has different particulars and no relationship the Biblical witness.   We could talk about the essence of God but because we have different ending points in the categories, we cannot push this although I would be interested how this could be done and still holding to exclusivism.  My point of view is completely Conservative and in line with mainline Christian teaching, not liberal although at times they can also say interesting stuff.

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