What does Islam teach about the transcendence of God?

15th July 2020


What does Islam teach about the transcendence of God?


So, where does one begin to look at the transcendence of God (Islam). In the Shahadah the Confession of Faith the first section,  La ilaha illa Allah…’ (There is no god but God).  Where it says ‘There is no ilah (deity) except Allah’. According to one book ilah has about five different meanings

1. Achieving peace and mental calm by seeking refuge in or establishing loving

relationship with someone.

2. Giving the necessary shelter and security to someone frightened of the

prospect of an impending mishap.

3. Turning to someone in utter devotion, due to the intensity of one’s feelings

for him.

4. Rushing of the lost offspring of the she-camel to snuggle up to its mother

on finding it.

5. Adoring, loving and worshiping someone tremendously.”

(Page 55 Volume 1 foundations of Islam, Editor, Zafar, Ishaq Ansari)


 In CHAPTER 1 . 2 the chapter ‘The Islamic approach to God’, Zulfiqar Ali Shah  on page 5 based on these points , he says

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