Transcendence continued

16th July 2020

  ‘These literal meanings of the word make it clear that the word ilah stands

for something awfully mysterious and extremely attractive to absorb one’s

whole being, demanding absolute love, adoration and closeness to the extent

of worship. Therefore, God or al-Ilah means the one who is al-maaah meaning

al-maabad (worshipped). Worship or al-aibada, as Imam Ibn al-Qayyim defines

it, is ‘utmost love of God accompanied with total submission.’ 8

The word ‘Allah’ also denotes extreme love. Views vary’  page 58, Zulfiqar

 Then he says

“Therefore, the Islamic statement of faith can be considered as the credo

of love, compassion and mercy. ‘There is no refuge, security, protection, love,

mercy, compassion except the extreme loving Allah.’ Nobody, however, knows

the essence of this loving God as the finite can never comprehend the infinite.” Page 59, Zulfiqar


Zulfiqar goes on to say that, ‘God can only be known through his names and attributes’. Page 60, Zulfiqar

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