So, Muslims see God as Monotheistic. He is transcendent yet imminent so Zulfiqar can say;

18thJuly 2020


So, Muslims see God as Monotheistic.  He is transcendent yet imminent so Zulfiqar can say;

“The believer lives his/her life, vacillating between these two states of

fear and hope: the fear of falling from God’s grace and the hope that the Lord

loves him so much that He will never let him down. In short, God is the focal

point of man’s quests that engages the totality of a believer’s being.”


Anyhow this is an appropriate start and at this level. There can be discussion between Muslims and Christians about God with the proviso of shirk which Christian theology rejects anyway.

In both religions, God is seen as Transcendent and immanent although on the immanent section there would be serious differences.  A Muslim would never agree to God becoming a man, ‘Jesus’.  My whole aim though is not to get into the economy of God only to answer one Question.  How do these religions even talk about the transcendence of God?  There are of course the great classics of Ibn Rushd and Thomas Aquinas!

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