Aphrodite (Venus)changed to Mary in certain Pagan centres and this is what is mentioned in the Qur'an.

26th July 2020

 Prior to the appearance of Islam, there existed a peculiar cluster of people in the fifth century which worshipped and honoured Aphrodite (Venus), whom they venerated as queen of heaven.  With the spread of Christianity these pagans switched to the new faith without exactly knowing what it was.  Worst of all, they didn’t search the Christian scriptures.  However, these heathen did not wish to abandon the adoration of Aphrodite.  They found an easy solution by naming her ‘Mary’.  This way Aphrodite became Mary.  Such a bewildering belief was condemned outright by the Christians of the time and was rejected as part of their faith.  It was categorized as a heretical cult.  Nevertheless, its adherents continued serving and venerating Mary as Queen of Heaven.  Thus, Mary was enthroned on Venus’ seat.  The cult was so thoroughly devoted to Mary that her importance surpassed that of God and Christ.  Its followers came to be known as ‘Miriamists’.  Both in their teaching and practice a triune formula was established with Mary at the head.  Continued tomorrow; Cosmades

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