Edward Henry Bickersteth (1812-1916) The Trinity

31stJuly 2020

Edward Henry Bickersteth (1812-1916)

Before we start, I don’t really need to speak a lot about the Transcendence of God the Father.  As it is enough to Say that from Scripture, we have proved that from the point of view of God he is the Creator and our life relies on His creative activity.

Chapter 3 is an appropriate place to start because here Edward wants to talk about the Lord Jesus Christ, that he is fully God and fully man in Perfect union. 

He writes,”… I maintain that scripture brings before us One Mysterious Person, The Son of God, The Son of man, in wondrous union with the Father, but of distinct personality from the Father, to whom all the attributes of Deity are ascribed , and who claims  and receives without protest, yea as his just and inalienable right equal trust, adoration, love and service, with him who says , “I am Jehovah ‘יחוח’, my name is Jealous and my glory will I not give another””.

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