The Miriamists continued.

27th July 2020

The prophet of Islam who in his commercial enterprises travelled from the Arab Peninsula to Damascus and Aleppo became acquainted with the Miriamists.  He listened to the tenets of their religion and formed an idea.  The most regrettable formulation in his mind was to equate the Miriamists with the Christians.  Being illiterate according to Islamic legend he considered Jesus Christ an element in their teaching.  This opinion passed into the Quran.  The Muslim prophet, not having understood the true Persons of the Holy Trinity strayed to erroneous beliefs and practices.  Following the spread of Islam, the Miriamists this time embraced the Prophet’s religion, and their cult withered.  But the essence of this deviate teaching could not be wiped out.  It even influenced Islam considerably in its reverence of ‘Mother Mary’.

 If the Muslim chooses to study the evidences of objective history, he can delve into the depth of the encumbrances and misgivings which trouble him.  Quite likely they will evaporate, and the spring of heretical teachings will be exposed before his eyes.  When a religion is deprived of objective search and evidence the followers find themselves in perplexing quandaries, sailing in rough waters.”

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