So where does our moral compass lie…

23rd August 2020

St Paul in chapter 10 gives us some teachings that will help us out.  No persons in a lone island and we need to always consider our neighbour, our brothers, sisters in the faith and those outside of our immediate family.  Paul reminds us that Israel made serious mistakes, but we are not any different to them… We will also make mistakes but at least we can take heed of the warnings. 

He goes on to say that we will all face trials and temptations but there is always a way of escape.  I added to this that we should be in regular prayer, so we are where God wants us to be.  He speaks about food being sacrificed to demons.  I say that although the world has changed, we still have demons who have changed form, popular demoniac activities can be a serious form of hedonism and the worship of materialism. 

He goes onto say that although something is legal it is not always right to do it for the sake of brother, sister, neighbour etc.

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