Essential Human Nature; Bavinck chapter 1 of his ethics

What is essential human nature?

This is a very important question because how we answer it will drive the machinery of our services such as health, managing of national and world resources.  One interesting point I found in his writings is that he Bavinck doesn’t only talk about the nature of what it is to be human; He also says that God created all the animals and plants too.  At the most basic level we share basic needs such as food and air.  Then he goes deeper. What are some of the bench marks are our relationship to God first of all, our relationship to each other, our relationship to nature animals and plants.  

These are important questions and in that sense this week I am not saying much.  I will be digging deep into the first chapter as I think for Christians they can find answers to the ecological mess we find oureslves in in this world today.  We as humans have caused destruction in this world such as the fires in Calfornia even the Covid 19 in a sense came out of man made actions.   I have to also say that the clouds of smoke from the Californian fires reached even Finland.

My remit will be to go through this chapter. All I can say is that it is very rich.   Before I start I have a question for you; What is essential human nature from your point of view and how is this human supposed to act his life out in the world?


 Feel free to  write and express you points of view.

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