The gods, Sumer and Babylon 2

My question is: Where are we today?
A large chunk of the Western populations is secular in outlook and we have a high dependence on science. At the micro level the populations are generally living longer.  The younger generations nowadays are into CrossFit or yoga types of workout…
On the macro level the world is at war hot or cold.  Russia pretends to be democratic and the opposition political groups are supressed.  South of Russia The Turkic states and Turkey dream of a pan Turanism (pan Turkic shared culture) hearkening to the return of the good old days.  They want to prosper again in a new silk road.  China as well, is trying to conquer the world through trade and selling merchandise.  This includes a few silk roads that Criss cross across the globe. We then have Trump who comes up with whacky ideas such as injecting people with disinfectant and in actuality The USA has one of the highest fatalities due to this Coronavirus. 

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