The Concept of Brahman

26th June 2020

So, what part of Brahman and God will I be looking at?  First, I think we can give an overall outline as taught in British Schools for example the simple Sue Penney books simple idea of God

Brahman is the Unknowable or the part of the divine that cannot be known.  Then we have the economy of the Trimurti; Brahma the Creator, Vishnu the Preserver and Shiva the destroyer.  Over Aeons the universe goes through a cyclic process of creation, preservation and destruction. 

This is a simple definition, but I want to look at the Hiddenness of Brahman and not moving onto the Trimurti.  This is important because at this point Brahman is hidden and Unknowable.  What do Hindu scholars say about this moment in Brahman that cannot be seen or known? When we cross this line, we move from the universals to the particulars I don’t want to do this.

Once we have looked at this in detail, I will do the same through Karl Barths discussion on the Hiddenness of God in CD 2 1.   No theologian is perfect, and we all make mistakes, but I think he does a great job explaining.  We could also have looked at Thomas Aquinas’ Analogia Entis but let us see how things pan out!

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