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Knowledge of God

January 18, 2014

All knowledge in a sense is mediated knowledge. Historical knowledge for example is only known by the evidence. The Bible is this type of knowledge at one level. But faith is also a type of knowledge. Barth the theologian said somewhere in Church Dogmatics 2 ,1 ; that faith as knowledge can be described as  “a hearty trust” in God. We should not only know the facts about God but also be brought into a living relationship with God in Christ by the Holy Spirit.

I found this interesting because Calvin in the Institutes of the Christian religion chapter 1 starts with ” The knowledge of God and of ourselves are inextricably linked” then he chooses the knowledge of God as his starting point. Where is the love of God in this?
Isn’t love a type of knowledge too?

I’m not critisizing Calvin but it is an intersting point.  In our world and the internet everything seems to be data.  God’s love is real and cannot be controlled by data or governments or by anything else for that matter.