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John 1 1 Greek Turkish interpretation

December 26, 2013

john First verse

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” NASB

En arke = in the beginning = baslangicta.

It is no accident that John starts here and I think on reflection we have to think about God in Genesis 1,1. Obviously in Turkish in on at is agglutinated to arke (baslangic).

Ho Logos = kelaam, Soz = Reason Word.

Ho Logos is referring to Jesus the Son of God . In the Greek the really interesting bit is Theos en ho Logos. God was the Word eg God = Word.. Theos and Logos end in s (nominative) but it is Logos that has the definite article. So the better translation would be and the Word was God. So in Turkish I translated this as Soz(Kelaam) Tanriydi.

For Christians this means that in Jesus Christ, God became a man. Jesus is no ordinary man. He is fully God and fully man. He is Gods’ reason for our salvation. Before the world was created he existed e.g. there was no world until verse two and even then time hadn’t been yet invented.

William Tyndale and our modern world

June 9, 2013

80% + of the New Testament in the King’s James version is the work of William Tyndale. He was murdered for this yet his legacy lives on for us.

I saw this in the iplayer at the BBC. It is well worth watching:

Whether a person is religious or an atheist his words have influenced all of us.