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Why football is not enough!

June 13, 2014

For me at the end of the day football is just a game. For some people however
it is not only a game but ‘their life’. In any game there are rules and if the rules
are broken then one feels the universal urge to say that it is unfair.

I understand that some people would get upset when I supported Brazil
especially after the allowed goal from a ‘supposed pull down in the box’.

Yes it is unfair but then again this is what real life is like. Ordinary people
are pulled down unfairly while others get away with more than they should.
I thnk Football in some ways mirrors what happens in the real world.

Justice never seems to happen on the football pitch and the underdogs always seem
to get trodden on. Even top teams such as Manchester United have had to eat
humble pie recently. Including Blackburn Rovers sad to say… In every cloudy sky there
is sometimes a breach in the cover and light shines through. Hope is like that.

There is no security in this life. Politics cannot give it becuase politicians are
like the rest of us… Sport cannot give it us because we always get injured.
Family life cannot give it as 42% of marriages break down in the Uk. Socialism,
liberalism and conservatism cannot give it.

For me the only place that one can find the road is in religion. Being a
Christian (an imperfect one) God took all my evil sins, was crucified on
my behalf and died. The story continues however; on the third day
Jesus rose from the grave conquoring death. In the same way the story
says that whoever believes in him and trusts in him will also have
eternal life.

Politics, money and social reform haven’t worked have they now?

Christianity and Judo

July 23, 2013

I like this defence for Judo: